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1) i'm a sohpmore in highschool and I'm already thinking that I wont get into a good college even with a decent act score from my junior year

2) I want to go into culinary arts and even with the amount of people supporting me my dad telling me 'it's going to be too expensive to get a phd' and 'I'll never get a job' tear me down more than anyone knows.

3) I hate my dad but his opinion seems to be the one that stands out among the rest. Even past my boyfriend's who supports me fully in my plan for schooling.

4) My boyfriend might be making maybe around 100k-200k a year if that because of the feild of machining he's going to go into. I'll be making maybe 100k a year. I feel like I wont be making jack shit compaired to him.

5) I txt my boyfriend every night before I go to bed, well pass out from exhaustion, because if I dont, my thoughts come right back. The bad part is that when I wake up and can type coherently it's too late to tell him goodnight and that  I love him. I feel like he'll forget if I dont tell him everyday.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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