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Four year farce

1. Im in Love with a girl who i barely know for 3 months.She's straight & we're close. I tell her everything but she doesnt know i like her. My friends told me that i made it obvious but why doesnt she see? She likes a guy & everytime she goes out with him,i get super jealous. My heart sinks kmowing that i dont stand a chance

2. i pretended to be a guy when i was 17. when i met a girl,she thought i was a guy and she let me suck her breast and kiss the crap out of her. She was still underage.

3.Im in a relationship with a girl for  4 years but she doesnt know im a girl. She thinks im a guy.

4.When i was 14,my best guy friend took advantage of me and forced me to do oral sex on him. After that he disappeared.

5.I used to take my brother's hand when he was sleeping & run it all over my body especially my nipples and i used to play with his little dick until one time he woke up and caught me. He told my parents but i kept denying it saying it didnt happen. Its still awkward between us and i feel very guilty everytime..

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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