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I wonder which congressman it was?

1. I am currently seeing two different men. One supports me, as in finances. I don't consiter it to be a real relationship bc I am not turned on by him in the fact he repulses me to the point where I cringe when he touches me. He is not bad looking and he is kind. Most women would be lucky to have him. But I can't stand him. The second guy is sort of a loser..but he is helping me build my career..and we are close and have fun together...I am seriously bored to tears sexually with him though.

2. I dated a girl once but felt board sexually after a while and felt a lot of pressure to have more money to take her out and buy nice things. She was a nice and sucessful..but boreing.
3. I think I am in love with a guy who I spent a few weeks with this past winter..he is an artist..broke..peter pan syndrome. he is living in another country now..going to art school of all things..he is almost thirty and is nowhere close to being a grown up. But he is amaizing. I don't know why.
4. I took the above mentioned guys virginity. He was saving it for twenty eight years for marrage and then we had sex after spending two weeks together. I thought this ment he was in love with me..but I was wrong. When I asked him why he gave it to me he said it was bc he was tired of waiting and I was the hottest girl he ever had the chance to b with.

5. I hate being poor..and have done some pretty bad stuff I guess to keep my head above water...worked in a strip club..had(have) a sugar daddy. Had sex with a congressmen for 4k. I don't really feel guilt for anything..I think I was born wo the abillity to feel guilt as an emotion.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: n/a

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