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Sex doesn't usually help much with that...

A. I miss the oral sex that my ex would give me. He's the only person that got me off all the time. That's because I trained him well.
B. I miss the sex I had with my mma/boxer. He is the only one that made me squirt. Sex with him was awesome.
C. I'm currently having unprotected sex with the guy I've been Fucking. Which is not a bright idea just for the simple fact that I just found out I have a std I can't get rid of.
D. I have a profile on an adult website, I've met a few guys from it, but because I'm pretty shallow none of them will get the chance to fuck me.
E. I am lonely now that I don't have anyone to call my own. I make up for that loneliness with sex.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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