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They always go home to her...

1. Im pregnant by a guy who wont work, gets high all the time, a player, an asshole, and who I also care for and love.

2. Im half way through collage and he didn't even graduate high school. I hate him for that, I hate him for ruining my life and making me the way I am now.

3. Im falling in love with a married man, which I know is wrong but me and him are so much alike it hurts to know he goes home to her.

4. I want to keep my baby but idk if I can do it alone without my babys father being there.

5. I hate one of my best friends and most of my family, not because im jealous but because I just can't stand them.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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  1. #1. Run far away from him. He isn't good for you and you know it, It's just hard to let go #2. He is going no where in life and you are, unfortunatly he will end up bringing you down...oh and by the way hate to break it to you, but you need a reality check, you allowed any changes, you allowed any damage to you be done to didn't have to let them happen(blaming him only makes you feel better....I've been there, believe me) could have left him and stopped all of this, but you continued....THAT'S not important now, what is, is what you do now, how you learn, or if you learn from it. Because I'm sure you can do better, its hard to change, but tell me what in this life is easy. CHANGE . #3. Don't mess up another relationship because you like the guy, he isn't yours to like hun, back off, or your just in a world of hurt...because if he is messing with you while married that means he is a don't need that in your life, cause it only ends with depression/heart break. #4. Single patents raise their babies all the time and the child turns out great, it may be hard, but wouldn't it be worth it? And do you really want some one else raising your child??? Who knows what will happen to YOUR precious baby. #5. That's just life, learn to live with it and find a better is for life might as well love and get along, if not, sucks for you. This may be a little harsh and you probably don't want to hear it but yoy need hope it helps.


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