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Sex does burn a lot of calories

1: i was sexually abuse by my older sister, she made me cum for the first time when i was 10 uears old. Im 23 now and i fantasize about banging her in every position and every orface possible. Nobody knows any of this....
2: i want to have a threesome with my girlfriend and either my sister or hers.
3: im a personal trainer and i make $ on the side fucking my female clients in the locker room, sex burns alot of calories :)
4: im in love with a girl i met a few months ago, if she gives me the chance i will leave my gf for her.
5: my girlfriend wont try anal but i know her sister likes it...shes in town, im getting her drunk and goin for it tonight, i hope my gf catches us
Bonus: my gf loves this site and il bet she reads this post to me and says "this guys a piece of shit"

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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