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The secrets men keep

1- i love my newborn son to death but i resent that my girlfriend secretly stopped taking the pill so she cud get pregnant. Im only with her because i want to be a better parent than mine were.
2- i'm in love with my best friend. She is incredible and we get handsy when we drink, but we never fuck or date because we dont want to compromise our friendship.
3- my girlfriend thinks she is my third, iv had sex with 13 girls, 8 since she got pregnant.
4- im addicted to sex, but my gf is not horny or open minded. I masterbate several times a day and im almost to the point i want to rape her. I love shoving my cock down a girls throat and eating her out. Id like to try anal again but im afraid To hurt a girl.
5- i drink and party but no one knows i secretly do drugs too. I get high and get in fights because im so numb i kno i cant lose. Im afraid il end up killing someone

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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