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Just call me sweet cheeks

I had sex in my place of work with a girl I hardly know.  She made it pretty clear she liked me for months and I only did it because she isn't the prettiest thing in the world and I kinda felt sorry for her.  I loved the thrill and danger of possibly being caught and maybe fired.  I'm probably gonna do it again.

I've started using hair dye to cover the grey which truly has spread like a disease over my hair in the last year.  Unbelievably quick.  Its making me feel old cos I'm only 26.  Sometimes I think I should be grateful not to be bald.  The dye only lasts a couple of weeks though then the grey shows again.  I'm sure people must notice the sometimes grey sometimes brown thing, I'd be embarassed if they did.

I work in a place where there are lots of students including immigrants from overseas.  A Chinese student was talking with me one day.  He asked me about how to tell the difference between a Miss, a Ms and a Mrs.  I told hime about wedding/engagement rings and what finger and stuff.  Then for no reason I told him that if he couldn't tell how to addess a woman, it was polite just to call her 'sweetcheeks' and then stood back and just let the ICBM launch. I can still picture the handprint on his face a few weeks later and it still makes me laugh out loud.

Climbed a cliff about 500 feet high without ropes pitons or anything and nearly fell more than halfway up.  First time ever I did something so scary it caused a little bit of poop to come out.

When I was at high school, I tipped sugar into the gas tank of my teacher's car because the guy was an ass and used to rip on me for no reason.  I think it probably ruined the engine cos the sugar caramelises when its ignited in the piston chamber.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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