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Lack of courage or overabundance of good sense?

1. I stick my finger up my ass when I am alone.  Its wierdly comforting.

2. I have violent thoughts about what I'd like to do to those who cross me, even when the slight is pretty trivial.  But I never have the courage to follow through on them.

3. I peek at my neighbours' daughter when she sunbathes

4. I live alone and I drink too much, but I hide it from everyone.  Its starting to show now as bloodshot eyes, red cheeks and busted blood vessels in my face.  I can't stop even though I know its shameful and weak.

5. Things are going to get rough at work, we don't have enough business.  There will be layoffs and unemployment in my area is pretty bad.  I worry where I'll be in a year from now and hope its not on the street.

Gender: male
Sexual Orientation: straight

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