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Big brother bafflement

1) I fantasies about my boyfriend's older brother. I think about "what if he likes me back and kisses me or fucks me" he has a toddler that adores me. His kid favors me in the hole world. I always fantasize that his kid wants me as his mother and we live happily ever after. My boyfriends brother is divorced and he is extremely sexy. He has had 4 or 5 girlfriends after his failed marriage. He looks at me when he thinks no one has notices but I notice. He has called other people my name, what does that mean? His kid has called me mom acouple of times. He us a difficult person to deal with but I know I can help him.

2) I had a family member (cousin) touch me. I liked it. I was just a kid. I think because of this, it made me fantasizes about girls. I would love to lick a pussy and watch her reactions but keep it a secret. I think I'm bi-sexual. I would never tell a soul because everyone thinks I'm way to perfect but I'm not. I would love to fuck a random sexy man or my professor.

3) in class I would fantasize about my professor fucking me in his office. I'd wear a skirt without any panties and I bend over so he could see my wet pussy and he would finer me. I dont think im passing his class. It's so hard to cofuse. He's an ex military soldier and just knowing that is so fucking sexy. I'd let him fuck me anywhere and anytime.

4) I love to masterbate. I've probably done it 6 times already today. I'm forsure going to fibger myself right after this 5 secrets. I love watching porn or hentai it makes me super wet. More then my boyfriend. I love his hard cock but it doesn't make me super wet.

5) I'd love to findout if my boyfriend's brother likes me. I don't think I could do anything because it's already been done/played.

To admin:
I don't think your into this job anymore. Why? You use up put so much soul and terrific ideas.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Admin here --

You're right, I'm not really into it anymore. I started this website during a phase in my life when all I wanted was for someone else to help me. I was incredibly depressed, felt helpless to better my situation, and didn't have many (any?) friends. Since then a lot of things in my life have changed. I went to counseling. I went back to school. I have many close friends. I'm not depressed anymore. Now that things are different for me I realize that there really isn't much I can do to help people unless they are already ready to help themselves. Beyond that, I'm a lot busier now (particularly because of school) and just don't have much time to spend on the site. The main reason I still update it occasionally is that I put so much work and time into it during the first year that I feel it would be a shame to just shut it down, but I don't really know what I DO want to do with it yet.


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