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Comment Poll: #1 Coworker & #5 Coworker -- Same Temptress?

1. One time, a co-worker shared a story with me about a lesbian experience she had when she was younger. She went into great detail and knew that I was aroused. I think she was hoping I would make a move on her, but I chickened out. I went to the bathroom and rubbed one out.  

2. I've paid for sex twice in my life. Once for a BJ from a prostitute and another for a massage w/ happy ending.  

3. I love my wife and kids and I have a healthy sex life with my wife (3-4 times per week), but I often fantasize about being alone. I sometimes wish that my wife would leave me and find someone better.  

4. I spanked my son once, and I cried about it afterwards.  

5. I'm very attracted to one of my co-workers and flirt with her often. I imagine I'm having sex with her when I'm with my wife sometimes. She's not married but is living with her boyfiend and has two kids. She's told me many times that she wants to leave her boyfriend. I always encourage her to leave him, but not be with me. Just so that she's more vulnerable to my advances. I would never sleep with her. I just get pleasure from the fact that I can.

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