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Till Death Do Us Part

1. My husband doesn't turn me on anymore. I would rather have sex with someone else than him.

2. I am still madly in love with my ex, and think about him every minute of the day. When my husband goes to work I call my ex's mother's house hoping he will pick up the phone so that I can hear his voice and tell him how much I love him and miss him.

3. When I met my husband I was already pregnant. I gave my child up for adoption 4 years ago because my husband told me I had a choice, choose him or my child. I chose my husband over my child and to this day my family doesn't know the truth.

4. I told my husband that smoking dope makes me wanna have sex non-stop just so he would buy it for me, Everytime we run out I can't wait till he buys more. No one not even my husband knows that I am severely addicted to drugs and that I am always thinking of a way to get more. I wish I could tell him to stop buying it but I can't.

5. Sometimes I fantasize about my husband being killed or dying on the job just so I can get all the money but then after a few I regret thinking about it till the next time he goes back to work.

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