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Support Our Troops (or Crimestoppers Will!)

1. I am the ONLY member of my immediate family who hasn't done jail time.
2. They are stupid sorry redneck types, that dont know how to "shut up, when the LAW shows up"... So they incriminate themselves.... IDIOTS! 
3.I turned 2 of em in for the "crime stoppers reward money" Hey thanks for the down payment on the truck brother! LOL And DAD, you got me that big screen TV by the way.... 
4. My big brothers twin boys are really mine... They love uncle Billy, good boys too! I'm glad she divorced your alcoholic ass while you were inside... And NO she did not cheat on you with me, it was final before we hooked up. 
5. Thank GOD for the U.S. Military, it kept me from going to prison, and made a MAN out of me. 
Bonus. And they wonder why i wont have much to do with them.... THEY ARE WHITE TRASH, and they embarrass me to be around them!

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