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Vacation Bible School Girls Rule

1. I scraped the side of my sister's car on one of those poles at the gas station.... but I told her somebody ran into it in the parking lot. It was a HUGE dent.

2. I'm in love with my fuck buddy and sometimes I hope that he'll accidentally get me pregnant.

3. I cheated on my first boyfriend. I was with him for 4 years, and while I was a freshman in college I had an "affair" for the whole year with this senior boy who also had a girlfriend... My ex still thinks that he was my first. Oops.

4. Also freshman year of college: I used to steal money from my roommate.. she would go on trips and leave like $100 cash in the room. I wouldn't take all of it, maybe just a 20 so I could buy some cigarettes and snacks..

5. When my cousin and I were little, we used to practice kissing each other during naptime after vaction bible school. He was in first grade and I was in third. We go to the same college now and are really good friends but we have never, ever spoken a word about it since that summer. I hope he just forgot about it.

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