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Not as much fun when it's someone else's dog

1. I masturbate in my work truck just about every day. I am afraid of getting caught on some camera one day.

2. I have love for my wife but despise her. If it weren't for my infant son, I would divorce her. I am fairly certain she has cheated when I have never done so.

3. War has changed me. I am anti-social, have no friends, am an unhappy person and feel like blowing my brains out sometimes.

4. I love watching girls getting banged by their dogs.

5. I despise the country I once wore a uniform for. I see it as the Titanic barreling toward an iceberg.

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  1. ahahah the last one was funny but thats nothing to be ashamed of man)) i would say most of people that wore a uniform for U.S actually hate the country more then loving it. Couse everybody see how the fucking reach people putting it to the fucking ground couse they greedy. they make poor people even more poor and middle class soon is ganna disapeer, and its ganna be only rich and poor.


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