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The generous philanderer

1) I absolutely love fucking, and think about it almost all day long. I love the taste of pussy, relish the gasps and moans a woman makes when I make her come, and will always eat a woman out, even if I'm not getting anything in return, just for the satisfaction of making her come over and over again. If my wife knew how many of our friends I've fucked/licked/let suck my dick, I'd be divorced instantly.  But that won't stop me from eating my best friend's girlfriend's pussy next time she gets drunk and offers... every time.

2) I'm so addicted to sex, I browse the ads from gay guys who just wanna suck dick. I'd never fuck a guy, and sure as fuck wouldn't let one fuck me, but if someone wants to gag on my 8" until I come in their mouth, I'm to the point I don't think I'd care what gender they are.

3) I masturbate several times a day. At work, in the car, in other people's houses, outside... anywhere I can stay kind of hidden while I do it.  During the winter, when I wear my long coat, I reach through the slits I cut in the lining so I can fondle myself without anyone knowing, often right in full view in a public place.

4) Several times, when I was in college, I would get drunk at a party and wait for everyone to pass out. Once everyone was asleep, I could easily find a girl in sweats, stretch pants, or skirts (my fave) and play with their pussy while they slept. A few, I even managed to eat out. More than once, a drunk girl would start to wake up when I was making her cum, start to play or kiss me, and we'd end up fucking. Afterwards, I'd tell them I was asleep until I felt them playing with/rubbing against me, just so they wouldn't know I was sticking my tongue or fingers between their pussy lips while they slept. No one ever questioned it.

5) I am married, and still look for the opportunities to cheat and play. I've had several fuck buddies since I've been married, all of which knew my marital status, and it's still not enough. My wife and I fuck a couple times a week, but it still isn't enough. I'm not sure it ever will be, but as long as I can find ways to make women come over and over, I will.

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