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He's gotta go

1) I hate that my boyfriend is a high school dropout who basically sits on his ass all day and claims he is being productive. I'm only 18 but i worry this relationship is pointless because I fear I would be the person supporting him if we ever got married.

2) I'm a Christian, used to be devoted, but I fear I'm addicted to sex. I can't stop no matter how hard I try. I crave sex, I crave having someone inside me. And I pray to god that he will help me, but it never gets better. I don't want to go to hell.

3)I'm afraid of my boyfriend's anger, even though he has never hit me, it's always on my mind. I try to be perfect and not make him mad, I watch what I say, but I fear I'm losing myself in the process.

4) I'm so mad at my boyfriend for letting this loser bum stay at his house. It was supposed to be for 1-2 weeks, it's been three and I'm actually contemplating breaking up with him after we get back from Europe because I cannot handle this guy in his house anymore.

5) I have body dysmorphic disorder and nobody in my family knows. I often try to kill myself but it's as if god doesn't want me to die. There's always some weird coincidence everytime I try to throw myself in front of a bus, or off the breakwater.

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