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Not much of a competition

*I was molested when I was young...all he would do was eat me out. As I was growing up I always had a tickle down there from it to where i'd let our dog lick me down there.

* I've been talking to someone online for 2 months now...we have met a few times never anything sexual but I want to get pregnant by that way when my ex gets out we won't get back together. I feel its my only way to escape from him.

* I called cps on my sister...she was messing up bad on drugs and her kids missed a lot of school ...nobody knows it was me they think the school intervened.

* I am a single mom...I love my daughter but life sometimes would be easier if I was alone.

* my baby and her cousin are a few months kid is way cuter! But every time we get together its like an unspoken competition whose kid has the better clothes and how far advanced they are.....I ALWAYS WIN..

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