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Best gifts = things you want & would never buy for yourself

- I read this site A LOT I'm startin to feel like I may addicted, the females talkin about loving sex turns me on. :)
- Miss K, I wish I could see u, if ur ever in the Dallas Texas area, post a thing, I would love to buy u a drink ;) I like to fanasize ur body on how it may look.
- I love my chick very much and lately we been fighting a lot, I feel like I'm just with her to fuck idk but I know I have love for her deep inside.
- her birthdays coming up and I want to get her something special but idk what, we been together for 4 years and suggestions K?
-I like my best friens, n I know she loves me and she talked to me about fucking and I told her I wouldn't feel right, but the truth is that I want her in bed so badd!

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