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"Grammer" is important...

1.  This is probably my fourth time to post on this site or so.   I find it incredibly therapuetic and is like I would imagine what a Catholic feels like at Confession.  I think this site is the next big thing.

2.  I am a married mother of one two year old girl who works outside the home.  I find myself sometimes lookng down on my stay-at-home mom friends because of their situations (poor, fat, or bored) and their lack of education (most just some college or none at all, if that).  This would get me crucified in some circles but I feel safe saying it knowing that it's when I started working full time when my girl was a year old I did the best thing for all of us.  I'm emotionally healthy,  mostly fit, and have a few extra dollars so I may take time off and take my kid on vacaion a few times a year.

3.  I am so sick of all the assholes running our country!   When I was young and single I worked in DC for the
government and I know first hand that is doesn't matter what party they belong to or how old they are,  ninety percent of all policians are plastic and of poor character.  Funny, I used to want to be oneand now my husbands getting into it.  Let's hope he's one of the good ones.  :)

4.  I only read the sex posts that have decent grammer from top to bottom.  I can not get turned on by words that looks like someone with a learning disability wrote.  Doesn't really do it for me for some reason.. I am far from perfect but damn people!  For the rest of them I like what I read unless it's really gross or boring.

5.  When I was younger I was a slut.  I mean a BIG slut.  My husband was my 11th partner but I dontknow how many guys I have kissed or fooled around with from when I was 17 until I was 26.  I was dating two different men back up north when we met... One from Staten Island and one from Rhode Island.  The night before my husband and I met was the last time I was with or even spoke to either of them.  We moved back to Texas and I can't imagine seeing being with any one else but my hot and funny husband.  He really is the love of my life even though we can be so nasty to each other when we fight.  Oh well,  can't look back if we want to go forward,  heh?

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  1. Lol. Just so you know, its grammar. Not grammer. Also, grammar has to do with the structure of words, sentences, etc. Not so much spelling. However, I totally agree with your point.


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