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Going once, going twice, Sold!

1. I love my wife but don't think things are working out well
2. We have been married for three yrs
3. I work away and she always tells me I just don't understand how hard it is for her she feels like a single mom and believe me I understand
4. I'd sell my soul to be with my family and still make good money
5. I'm lonely and depressed and horny.

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  1. Sounds like you really love your family. If you work away from home your wife probably gets use to you being gone and when you are home you are kinda 'in the way'. Not literally but in a sense. Depends on how long you are gone. If it's days at a time I am sure she gets into a routine and when you get home routine gets changed. After 3 years you still do not know everything about a person and I am sure that there are still kinks in the relationship but do you want to end the marriage because you and your wife can't talk about it? Maybe you should try some counseling to get through these tough issues before you just run away. I am sure she doesn't intend on making you feel unloved it just happens that way. If she is a busy woman maybe counseling would help her slow down and show you the love she feels for you. You never know what is going on in a person's head until you ask. She may even be feeling the same thing as you. She may feel like things are not going to work out yet waiting for you to offer suggestions. I am sure she hasn't stopped loving you but you did mention her feeling like a single mom so if you have been married 3 years I assume your child or children are young. If that's the case she doesn't have you to just concentrate on anymore. Being a mom is a full time job. There has to be a way that you guys can come together and work on things. You have to find a way to talk to her and find out where her head is. If neither of you are interested in keeping the marriage together then there is no point in doing so. However, there has to be a way that you could talk to her and see if she still loves you like she did when she married you and that's something you have to think about too. As far as being lonely, depressed and horny you should probably not share that with too many people because there are women out there that will come after you til they take you away from your family and then leave you lonely depressed and horny again. Some women can be that dirty to just want the challenge of getting you to leave your family. So you have to have inner peace and harmony before you can expect to feel that with your wife. I do not think that 3 years is long enough of a trial run if you really loved each other when you married. There obviously was a reason you married. Hope that things get better for you somehow. Good luck with whatever choice you make.

  2. Hi I so know this is u my love !!! Hum and I thought we were doing good ...

  3. Sorry man, I just knew it was the other guy. Wow, I am losing my touch at guessing who is posting. So basically ignore that whole first comment. Well, don't completely ignore it cause there is a few bits of good info in there. :)

  4. Tsk, Tsk. Guessing Posters ruins the freedom that is confession in Five Secrets.

  5. Yeah, I have had to come up with a new technique on remaining anonymous all because this poster likes to guess mine. LOL. :)


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