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Weird things are pretty popular around here

1. This site turns me on..
2. I'm horny all the time!
3. Don't know how to ask another female if she wants to have a 3some with me and my husband.
4. I could lick her tits and rub her pussy but not lick it,,ugh! But thinking about the rest..its a turn on:)
5. I want to take it in my ass so bad but still scared of the pain..but thinking about it turns me on. I like crazy sex..weird things!

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  1. LOL I think the title for this one is Hilllllllarious.

  2. #1: I am kinda fond of this site myself. Some stuff is just straight stupid but some things are kinky and I am thinking I was the only person that might like that.
    #2: I have that same problem. I am also female. It doesn't matter what time of day or night. I am ready. I am very faithful to my boyfriend though. I would never cheat. I get it when I want it and if for some reason he isn't with me at the time I want it, I have plenty of toys.
    #3: There are plenty of ways you can find females to have threesomes. I have done it in the past but it was with people that were not involved with each other. I would never want to do that. I feel that a relationship should be kept between two people and when you start adding you complicate things. The thought of a threesome is nice. Threesomes are nice, but I could never do that with a man I am in a relationship with. Anyways, you can go to websites geared toward that kind of action and find plenty of women that are willing. Hope you find what you are looking for cause everyone should have at least one threesome in their life.
    #4: Why would you not lick pussy? It turns you on to see a girl eat a girl, but you wouldn't want to do it, huh? lmao. Maybe you should try before you turn it down. Pussy tastes pretty good. If it turns you on to see a girl then you would like licking her. It's not gross, really.
    #5: Go ahead and get fucked in the ass. You will love it. With lots of lube it isn't too bad. You just can't be tensed up. I tell you what works best for me. Play with your clit while the dick is going in and don't even think about it. As long as he sits back and lets you control penetration its not bad. The initial entry is what hurts, but only for a second. After that you will like it.
    I enjoyed reading your post. Sounds so much like myself. I don't want to have a threesome with my man and another woman, but anything else is game with me. I love sex and exploring. Whether that be with my man or alone. I just like getting off and I do it over and over when I can. Oh yeah, and I love porn. Any porn except the extreme. I like seeing pretty much any kind of porn though. Lesbian porn, group sex, gang bangs are really awesome, and anything that shows me some pussy licking time cause I love watching a woman get ate.


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