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Desperately seeking supergirl

1) This site has become my personal crack habit. I read the posts, (at least the legible ones, some of you, I think, have problems in life because you're fucking borderline illiterate. I wouldn't wanna talk to/date/fuck you, either,) and imagine granting each and every one of their fetish desires while I masturbate...
2) The last woman I had sex with told me (post-coitus) that she had a bf. I was so turned on thinking she was from here, I asked if she had anything she wanted to try. That night was her first ass-play experience, and the best multiple-o I've ever had. (Yes, I'm a guy, and yes, guys, it's possible. Do some kegels, for fuck's sake.)
3) The entire time we were together, I imagined it was the admin. I didn't ask, just so I can keep thinking it >:P
4) If I found a good, horny woman who got into cosplay, I'm pretty sure I'd retire my singality and marry that chick. Seeing as how it's not that easy to convince a girl to dress like SuperGirl on a random Tuesday in June, I don't really have much hope for that one.
5) I wish the world would just be honest and admit that we're all kinky freaks at heart. Everyone'd be happier, well-laid, and more relaxed. Actually, I say that a lot, so it isn't really a secret, so...  I also tried silk panties on once, and dug 'em, except "the boys" kept falling out. They ARE why I like silk boxers now, though.

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