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Perfect Lil Angel

|I'm Afraid Of Myself. I Hate To Be Alone. My Thoughts Scare Me And I Know If Anyone Else Were To Witness Them, I'd Be Put In An Assylum. Sometimes I Wish There Was A Way I Could Scrape These Thoughts Out Of My Head.|

|I Know That I Don't Trust My FianceƩ Is Because He Can't Trust Me. He Thinks I'm This Perfect Lil Angel, But I'm Anything But That. I'll Never Tell Him Cause I Am Selfish And Don't Want Anyone Else To Have Him.|

|I Would Kill My Ex If I Could.|

|I Am Scared That I Will Never Find The One For Me Cause I Just Keep Cheating. Karma Will Leave Me Lonely.|

|I Would Love To Meet "K." She Seems Like A Cool Chick. But I Wonder, Does She Ever Get Offended When People Constantly Hit On Her Anonymously? Saying How Much They Would Love To Fuck Her, Et Cetera. That Would Freak Me Out.|

[K says: Considering that until last weekend the vast majority of readers had no idea what I looked like, it is a little weird. It's sort of flattering too, because I like to think that since they had no a visual, they wanted to fuck me for my mind. In reality they're probably just wallpapering the idea that I run this site over Lady GaGa or something. Now that I have pictures on the FAQ and forum, I suspect all that will die down.]

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