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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Backup plan

1. I cheated on the guy I've been with for a year because I wasn't sure that I wanted. Come to find out I really do love him.

2. I have a tendency to get guys to like me just incase anything goes wrong in my current relationship, I always have someone right there. Always someone on the side.. truth is,  I'm scared of being alone..

3. I have a small addiction to vicodine. I only crave it when I know its around.

4. I'm late on my period. My boyfriend doesn't want a kid until we're both financially stable. I'm going to wait a couple weeks to see if it comes then I'm going to take a pregnancy test and see where it goes from there..

5. In 9th grade me and my best friend made up this guy and make a fake MySpace and told my other friend he liked her. They used to "write notes" to each other.. truth is it was me and my best friend writing them.. she still doesn't know about it..

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