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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Teen mom speaks out

A. I only got one thing to say to all the teenage girls in the world and on this site who say "I'm 15 but I want a kid so bad hehe" YOUR FUCKING STUPID! I was fifteen when I got pregnant, I love my daughter the most I have ever loved anyone but if I had one thing I could change I would have waited, I never wanted children..sometimes I think I am being punished for not liking children and being such a bad daughter. The last thing about that is, some teenagers think my parents will take care of it, fuck that you don't want to be put in that position and its your fuck up take care of your own kid.

B. I met a new guy and he loves my one year old daughter, she loves him and he is so sweet, he is different than what I'm used to. I went with him last night to a party out in a random garage 9 miles out of town and we played beer pong and smoked and smoked all night, there was only 4 girls there and 15 boys probably, he got into fights with his friends because one of them was hitting on me and another one kept trying to feel me up and kept flirting a lot, my best friend found a cute guy last night and I'm happy for her mainly so now I don't have to have her be a third wheel when I'm with my boy :)

C. I smoke a lot of weed, probably to much in all honesty but idc I love the feeling it gives me. Recently I lost 26 pounds in 2 weeks and had to get docters to help me because I have stress induced anorexia nervosa, which sucks so everytime I get stresses I can't eat or I will get sick.

D. I sometimes wish I. Could just move out right now today with my daughter, but the economy is shit right now and no one is hiring an 18 year old single mom with no previous job refrences. I am scared of my babys daddy, yet I will always love him he gave me my daughter even tho he abused me and turned into a person I can't even recognize after I got pregnant.

E. I think this new guy is everything I've ever wanted, I don't love him but I know if he is around for long enough I will :)

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