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Tall tale fail

1. I wish I was my younger brother...he never had things go bad like me. All the girls he wants, he gets, its like he lives on easy street. I have crushes for a lot of the girls he just uses, but they have no interest in me.
2. I wish I had friends. True friends. A lot of my "friends" only interact with me over Facebook, but never make a real effort to hang out. 
3.a lot of the things I tell people I make up or exaggerate, just so I seem more interesting..and most of the time I screw up and it makes me look like an idiot and a freak. 
4. I feel disconnected from people, even though im really social. 
5.I've held an empty gun to my head and pulled the trigger, sometimes I wish it would have been loaded. 

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  1. Hey I understand what you are going through. How old are you? I would love to be your friend! I'm a girl by the way lol !!

  2. re: #2 & 4

    *sigh* ...such is the consequence of the Facebook age.

  3. 1) Sometimes the brother that is most shy is the one that a girl should go for but she doesn't because the loud brother is standing in the way. So maybe you should approach some of these girls before your brother has a chance. Don't use his method and be so straight forward but you can always strike up a conversation before he gets a chance to. I know it's easier said than done but you can find the courage somewhere inside.
    2) I think that facebook causes all of us to have more friends than we actually see on a regular basis. Invite some of your facebook friends to get together with you sometimes. I am sure you arent the only one who feels that way.
    3) You should be true to who you are. You shouldn't have to make things up just to get peolpe to like you. Be yourself and you will get more reaction than if you try to fake something and fail at it.
    4) I have the feeling of being disconnected from time to time as well. At other times I am the life of the party. That is just life. You are going to have good and bad days. On your bad days let someone else entertain and you sit back and relax.
    5) Suicide really doesn't solve any problem. In fact it only really makes things worse. Do you really like to know your family and friends are miserable? Well if you ever made that call of suicide then you would do nothing but cause pain to all the people that care about you most. Not a good feeling to carry with you.


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