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Humbert Humbert

... I called a singles chat line when I was 17 just to have phone sex with a complete stranger.. he sounded about 50 years old.

... I kissed my cousin before and am still physically attracted to him.

... I hooked up with a brother and a sister, neither of them 
know about it I don't think.

... I love a guy but I would much rather be single and not commit to him because I'm not ready for a relationship right now.

... I'm 18 and have feelings for a 12 year old girl

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  1. 1) It probably was a 50 year old man. LOL. You don't have to look good to be a phone sex operator.
    2) Not a good idea to hook up with your cousin. You might want to steer clear of that temptation.
    3) I am sure that brothers and sisters talk. Its not a bad thing to have hooked up with them both however it would have been nasty if you would have done it at the same time.
    4) You should never be forced into a relationship. Its always good to take things slow. If this guy likes you back then there is no reason why you guys cant just be good friends and get to know each other first. You are still young.
    5) Having feelings for a 12 year old is not a good idea when you are 18. That could mean jail time. There is no reason why a 12 year old should know about being with someone of the same sex as them either. If you want to do that then go find someone your age and do what you do.


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