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Monday, July 12, 2010

6 chicks in one day

1. I had sex with my baby moms best friend it went on for ah couple months and I guess her friend decided she couldn't do it anymore and tried to tell my baby moms what happend between us.I lied my ass off an promised I didn't sleep with her an soo
after they stopped being friends 5yrs worth of friendship gone over me.

2.My current girlfriend cheated on me an she don't know I know.she was talkin to her friend about how she got drunk an fucked her ex an she hope I never find out I guess she should have though about that b4 she dialed my fone by accident an left the whole conversation on my voicemail

3.I've had sex with more than 6 chicks in 1 day

4.I have 2 kids by 2 differnt woman they for some reason hate each other but for the past couple weeks we've had 3 3somes I'm glad they don't know what each other looks like lol

5.I think this is the year ill tell my brother his baby may be mine

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