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Monday, July 12, 2010

Human plague

1.I haven't had a real job in over 5 years every morning I leave the house at 8am an won't come back home till after 6 everyday my girlfriend thinks I work in construction but I usually go to my friends house an play video games my father send me money every month she thinks its my pay check

2.I was fuckin around with this chick in a wheel chair made her fall in love with me an convinced her to buy me a car over 20,000 and the broke up with her I still feel bad but hey I got ah new car

3. I lied to 1 of my closest friends and told him I slept with this girl he was dating I showed him pics I stole out his fone an said she sent them to me so he ended up actually beating the girl up an put her in the can I ever tell him it was just a april fools joke

4. I hurt ppl I
n my family mentally just for the fun of it

5. I got into a fight with my mothers boyfriend I called the police an told them I seen him with some pictures of some naked kids aka kiddy porn the came out an searched the house an his computer an put him on notice that they will be watchin him from now on

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