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Alone on the swingset

1.  Im a straight male. I like to fu.k anal with my wife. I often. Wondered what it wwould feel like to Fu.k a TS or a small feminine Guy.  I don't want to kiss. I don't want to give oral. Just get oral and bend him over the desk or the chair. Then leave.
2. I want to do both the female and the male insurance agents I have. I think she's sexy and I have fantasies about giving her oral on her desk then Fu king her till she screams. Then bending him over the desk and fucking him too. No strings our little secret.
3. I want to have a 3 some with a stranger and her husband.
4. I like reading these posts and can't stop. I like the sexual ones the
Most. I wish I knew how to connect with people who post.
5. I can't seem o keep a relationship going. I can't love. I seem to only like sex and fucking over love making. I wish my wife was open to swinging

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