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Hmmm where is it?

(J) I want... A certain person to hit me from the back while I'm screaming  the shortening of his name and he's smacking my booty. You wouldn't get if you didn't see the movie he was in. 
(u) My fantasies have been all I'm thinking about lately. 
(v) I look up everything on Wikipedia, if isn't there, I'm pissed. 
(i) All I wanna do is steal a Wii and get on with life. 
(e) You're doing a great job Kelly. 

Bonus: Find the shortened name in the post!

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  1. (J) you really are fanatic about Juvie, huh?
    (u) Yes, you are a fanatic.
    (v) Try to use google search. It's pretty good.
    (i) That sounds like a crazy bucket list idea.
    (e) I do so agree that Kelly is doing a great job. :)


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