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Self sabotage

1. I hate how my bf can be. such a hypocrit.

2. I hate his backpack almost as much as I hate his phone. anytime he touches either it means he's leaving to go sell shit...

3. I hate that most of his cleints appear to be women but he and his best friend say I have nothing to worry about but he likes to tell me could could get any girl he wanted... way to make me feel better.

4. His word means about as much as mine... Not a whole lot...

5. I stress myself out about what I don't know is or is not going on... I hate it. I think its because all my ex's cheated on me so I worry everyone I date is going to. Self sabotage.

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  1. 1. I understand hypocrites. You can't do something and I can't? Never seems fair. There are times that it seems to be a bit controlling. Be careful.
    2. And if he is a big time hustler he will stay gone awhile cause the phone will be in one hand and the backpack in the other. Yep, been there done that. Had to leave that one alone.
    3. Do you in turn remind him that you could always get someone else as well but choose to stay with him? I never want to hear a man tell me they could always find someone else. I would tell them not to let the door hit them on the way out.
    4. Honesty and trust is very important in any relationship. If you can't even tell him something and him be able to believe you or vice versa what is the point in being together? You should learn to talk to him more and find out why he is telling you something and never following thru.
    5. You will destroy yourself with this last one. However, it seems that the lifestyle your current boyfriend lives is the reason you don't trust him. I would feel the same way if I were in that situation. If this guy truely makes you unhappy and you do not feel you can trust him you might want to rethink being with him altogether.


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