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Short attention span

1. I fall in love at least twice a day. It sucks, cause my interests change so freaking fast, i dont know what to do with myself!!
2. My best friend is convinced thaat she is in love with two different guys, and she cant live without either of them..personally, i know i love one of them and the other one, i hate. I (selfish person i am) want her to go back to the one i hate, cause i want the other one for myself, cause i met him first, and he still likes me, so i think i have a right to know what i mean? Sometimes she is so stupid its not even funny. She is a couple months younger than me, and hes about 3 months younger than her, so she says he is closer to her age, so she has a bigger right to him. I seriously think our friendship might be ruined fighting over this guy.
3. I wish i was a gay guy. I'm a chick so i know that seems really weird, but i know a couple of guys that i have such a huge crush on, that dont have any interest cause they are gay. How unfair is that?!
4. My friend introduced me to this site, and now i am so addicted, its not even funny..My mother and father think that i am such a good girl, that i dont cuss, (i do), i never get c's, d's, or f's, on papers in school, (I do), that i would never think about sex before marriage, (I think on that a lot), and that i would never, ever, do anything to 'defile my body'. they are crazy.
5. I have two little sisters, and i love one of them and absolutely hate the other one. i cannot wait to move out of the house, because my family is so fucking stupid!!!! I hate my father, my oldest younger sister, and my grandmother, who has always irratated me. and nobody knows any of these things.

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