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Saturday, July 3, 2010

So be open about it

1. I act like I'm innocent but I'm really not. I enjoy giving head and masturbating.

2. I'm bisexual and am very tired of hiding it. I wish I could just be open about it

3. I had sex wit one of my friends one night wen I was drunk and it was unprotected. He was extremely rough and I regret doing it. I wish I could undo that whole night.

4. I wish my ex would finish inside of me, I want to have his baby so bad. When we use condoms and he throws them out I sometimes want to rip the condom open and inject his sperm in my pussy in the hopes of getting pregnant.

5. Its not a secret.. but I find it funny how everyone still asks your name. ITS KELLY! I guess no one read your FAQ kelly huh?

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