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TMI, why?

* I think I'm officially the queen of TMI at work. We had a party this weekend and I was the only person to induce everyone to an awkward silence and an obvious attempt to change the subject ("How about them Lakers?"). I have a tendency to say too much to too many people.

* People know more about my sex life than about my creativity and art.  It makes me want to move to another city--even though I've finally come to love the city I live in again--so I can start over and try to reinvent myself (and hopefully keep my mouth shut).

* I've never done things relationship-wise 'normally'. I've done the internet relationship thing, took the guy who first kissed me home on that first night, destroyed a friendship with a one-night stand (that probably only occurred because of my big mouth), tried to have sex with a different friend (who turned out to be gay), and got involved with a married couple who had an open relationship. I tend to think 'normal' is overrated, but my history also makes me wonder if I'll ever be able to even DO things like a normal person one day.

* I've been drunk at work before. At my old job it was intentional: it was my last day and everyone but my boss knew and no one cared. He later found out because of some stupid little bitch who was mad at me and ratted me out; he told me he had just thought I was happy because it was my last day, not because I'd been drinking. At my current job, it's only been because I was still drunk when I woke up the next day.

* I still miss working at Subway, but I would never go back. The reason I miss it is because of all the people I met while I worked there. The friends I made then changed my life.

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