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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chose to overcome

1. I'm in love with my first boyfriend and the guy whom I gave my virginity to. He already talks about getting married in the future. I'm just scared that something someday will tear us apart
2. I've realized that without him, I would turn into a hollow version of myself with nothing left to feel
3. I'm going to let my hair down from now on. There is too much life out there for me to say no I can't do that. I can and I will
4. I'm looking for new adventure with my love by my side. He is so good to me and supports me in everyway.
5. I just want to tell everyone that happiness is a state of mind. Its what you choose to be. I've had my share of tragedy and talking to those who have conquered their ailments and disabilities and they are no different than you, they just chose to overcome what stood in their way. Life is what you make it and I'm telling you, in the end, things always seem to work out, its just a matter if you're willing to see the end result
Bonus: k this site is wonderful form of therapy and its help me get a lot of things off my chest as I'm sure it has for others. Just thank you :D

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