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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Comfortably numb

1. You would never know it, but I am the most  unhappy person. I think of death everyday, and plan on it soon.
2. My boyfriend is overseas and has been gone for a while now, Ive been with him for 4 years and still can't say I love him, I did in the beginning but its been a while.
3. My fuck buddie is the best sex I will ever have, I love sucking his dick and fingering his ass until he blows down my throat, he loves blowing in my ass or my face, I love every  minute of it.
4. I love him more than anyone, but I have a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend, we both tell eachother we love one another and yet he doesn't consider being with me, I think I might reconsider suicide if he were to tell me he wanted to be with me, selfish yes but he doesn't know so?
5. I get numb from the empty feeling I get, I can lay In bed all day and do nothing but stare... 

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