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Food never loves you back

6. .....I was molested when I was younger by my step bro. Sometimes I feel like there's more to the story then I can remember...I feel like my dad did me wrong as well.
7. Everyone things I'm sooo pretty but I'm so self concious. My face is breaking out like crazy right now and its really erritaiting. I think its because I stopped tanning and...
8. I have beeen eating junk food like crazy. I can't stop. Its like my only excape. I was like 105 when I started dating my boyfriend now I'm almost 140. I can't stop eating. Sometimes I wanna starve myself but I love food.
9.I used to be sooo active and in sports but then I was hurt and since then iv been a couch potatoe. I want to get up and run cuz that used to be my favorite thing to do but I have no energy between my weakness and my breakouts.
10. I really do love my boyfriend but I think we need counciling or something. I love my ex but it doesn't bother me as much anymore. Like if my boyfriend was walking around with another girl id tweak but my ex could all he wants I don't care. I thing partially I'm just inlove with my past. My ex tells me I'm beautiful. My boyfriend says stuff like that but kinda in a playing around voice.

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