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There are a lot of bastards out there too

i think the female species is getting worst there are so many bitches in the world...

i complain about my 'boring' life.. but compared to alot of people on here it is not even close to being bad. but i still complain, i dont think ill ever be satisfied.

i met my first love (c.r.n) over the internet and we never met, only sent pics back and fourth. even tho we never met we were together for 2ys+ and i loved him so much.... i havent talked to him in like 3yrs, just one day - nothing... i cant find him, but i miss him all the time... i wonder if he remembers me.

i believe in god but i have my questions. he doesnt give you more than you can handle right? so what about the people who comitt suicide becuz its too much? obv they cant handle it right?

i love this site & its kind of hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that these secrets may all be real.... 

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