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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

He probably wouldn't mind

1. I don't know why I love sucking his dick so much. If I could, id do it every single night or morning without hesitation. I love watching him get his nut on so much that I don't even care about my self even though I wish he initiated everything more often. The last time I did it was like a month ago...

2. I'm such a freak its crazy. I'm pretty much down for Aaaaaaaaaanything.  Like really, anything...

3. One time I didn't fall asleep until my boyfriend fell asleep sjust so I could wake him up by sucking his dick but he slept face down the whole night.. what a bummer..

4. I wish I had more friends..

5. I want to be a mommy.. 

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  1. 1. I am sure he doesn't mind you wanting to suck his dick all the time.
    2. I am the same way. Don't shit or piss on me and I am down for whatever else you got in store. Nothing wrong with that, I don't think.
    3. I am sure your boyfriend would not have minded if you pushed him slightly to roll him over and started sucking his dick.
    4. If you make a new friend and you have to get rid of an old one to make room for a new one then you don't need more friends. Sometimes we forget about people that we could be enjoying hanging out with just cause we feel so lonely at a certain time. Think of all the people you haven't talked to in awhile and give one or two a call.
    5. Not sure your age but I will say if you are young don't rush things. It is so much harder than people realize. I love my child to death but I would have waited a bit longer if I knew what I know how.


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