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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Yell back

1. I'm gay and in highschool
2. My dad verbally and emotionally abused me and my mom up until about 2 years ago when I finally got old enough to yell back and stop being scared of him
3. I'm 99% sure my mom knows I'm gay and any time the subject comes up its almost like she wants me to say it just so she can be disappointed about it if that makes any sense
4. My dad told me a few years ago he'd kick me out if I were ever gay. This was when I was maybe 9 or 10, and I can't even explain how scared that made me
5. I used to wish I would never cry again. Lately I feel almos t numb, like I just can't be sad anymore, and I can't put into words how much I wish I could just cry

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