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All the little girls grow up sometime

1. I'm not OK I'm extremely depressed and not eating well. But I tell everyone I'm fine just to get them to shut up and stop asking me so many DAMN questions or to make it seem like I'm strong and "you breaking up with me didn't hurt me at all".  LIES!

2. I cry every night over him because he promised that he wouldn't leave me. But I shouldn't put that on him, it's wrong and I'm sorry. I just wish he could have warned me. But how could he when he didn't know either. 

3. I hate my college, it sucks.

4. My parents are suffocating the shit out of me!! (I usually don't swear but I have so much anger built up) I need to get out and go somewhere far away to travel, meet new people, get out of this town.  

5. I depended on him so much when we were together. I depend on my parents, and others.  I NEED TO STOP!  I want to not only prove to myself but also him that I can live on my own, I can go out and travel, I can DO THINGS FOR MYSELF!!!!!  I'm not a little girl anymore.  

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