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Gold star, but yeah...

1)  well, when I started my lvn school last year in may there was a teacher that i really had a crush on. She was a nursing instructor and she was pregnant. I remember the first time I laid eyes on her I could never stop thinking bout her... Yeah, pretty weird, but man was she something. Later throughout the school year we became close, as in super duper close like we became bestfriends. Honestly, in my head I never really thought I'd be really close to her. Did I mention I'm a lesbian? Well, I definitely am. My teacher knew that though cuz err became close. I mean we told each other lots of things. eventually, she gave birth to her baby, but after two months she got curious and asked me if me and her could try it... Well, art first I was pretty hesitant cuz I was afraid that I would fall in love with her. But little did I know bout myself and there I was telling her I really liked her... Good thing was she liked me back. To make this long story short we got together and she left her baby daddy, but now we aren't together anymore. We lasted at least about eight months.

2) Ever since I was a little girl, I've always admired my same sex.. Quite odd you might say, but maybe it isn't. I haven't been with any guy in my life. Not even kiss a guy, maybe my dad on the cheeks but besides that nope. I actually don't know why i don't get curious either. It's not like I want to, but really I don't. But yeah...

3) I dated the youngest girl when I was in college. She was in 7th grade while I was in my first year of college... but before you react I was 17 and she was 12... okay, maybe that sounds bad now, but now that I'm 21 she's actually 16 now... anyways, she was actually my first real girlfriend believe it or not... she was way mature than her age when we dated. We actually met at Disneyland customer she was in colorguard in her school with my cousin so that's how I basically met her customer my cousin invited me to go there and watch her and I guess at that time I didn't know i was gonna meet her. She was actually my longest relationship... 1 year and 4 months.

4) I remembered when I was about 12 years old. My mom would send money for me and my bro customer we lived alone in another country while my mom worked somewhere else. My brother would hide the money in this locked safe in his room... I would always find the key to that safe and get my money, but not all of it. Just enough for me to go out. Funny part is that he would wonder why it had less money if ever he counted it. Hahaha! But yeaaaah.

5) Well, last year when I was still dating my awesome teacher she gave me a present which was paying for a tattoo. Forsure I got it, but I do love it.... just that my family doesn't really know anything about me having any. My family mostly think I'm pure and all that... hard part is that I'm a Catholic and I like my same sex, but I kind of accepted the fact I'm like this... although my family... doesn't except my mom, bros, and cousins... really hard for my grandparent's to accept this cuz of what they believe in.. but yeaah that's that.

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