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Hasbro recycles

*Sometimes, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to take over the world. Probably not as the frontman, but definitely in the main camp. Chances are I'll be the guy in charge of making sure most of you are recycled as Play-Doh™.

*I've always secretly wondered if you could turn someone into Play-Doh™, and if it'd be ironic to build a life-size likeness of that person with the Play-Doh™.

*Sometimes, I wonder if God has a plan for me, so I go out, find a bush and set it on fire, then wait for it to reveal God's plan. So far, God's plan sounds like "whooooooooshwhoosh crackle woosh". And sirens.

*I think about killing myself, but I know its harder to get superpowers if you're dead, so I hold on just one more day... like Wilson Phillips.

*My deepest, darkest secret is that I'm afraid of deep, dark, secretive things, so I tend to have shallow, bright & shiny secrets that sparkle like gay vampire skin.  

*(freebie!) My biggest secret is that I'm pretty happy with my life, and it makes me sad that people don't smile & laugh more.  An' dat's da TROOF, yo.

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