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Hey dude, will you fuck my girlfriend?

1: my best friend recently asked me to have sex with his girlfriend. I have a wonderful girlfriend myself, he is pissed because I don't contact him anymore. I don't want to do it and wouldn't ever compromise my amazing relationship.
2: I want to move away from my town closer to my girl while she is in college but don't have the money to live in her area. I also am scared to smother her. 
3: I have always thought about driving my car into a tree or off a cliff. I picture it everytime I get in the car. I'm not suicidal what so ever but just intrigued by what would happen.
4: I really wish I could catch up on my bills. I'm on a good track now but all those crazy rich people make me super upset because I feel like I'm working my ass off here. Can I catch a break please?
5: I post secrets that are 100% true...I always want to know if everyone else is doing the same. We all have crazy lives, me included but I care a lot about other people and I feel like I'm caring for fakeness sometimes...not my M.O.

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