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Single and not looking

1.) I wish I could talk to you. I would, but if you tried to talk to me, I was over  you a long time ago.

2.) Today was my first day of college and I'm already overwhelmed, If God got me here he can get me through it.

3.) I can lie very easily, but I only lie when I have too. I don't like it when people try to uncover personal things about me real fast. 

4.) I'm single and I really have no intentions of dating anyone. I miss him but I still believe he is the one and only. In my case the only.

5.) I think things happen so we learn. If were not taking the initiative, opportunities will slowly creep up on us. 

*Added: I'm sorry this isn't really about sex or hopelessness. I guess I'm just an average person? Maybe? Who is. :) *

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