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Accidentally maybe in love

1-i am desperately trying to fall back in love with my husband. I kindof accidentally maybe fell in love with someone else,or not because i have a crush on someone other than my crush...and my husband.
2-i wonder if i married too young, if i want to be married at all, is it my husband? I love him, just not in love with him. We used to fight all the time and he'd get pretty mean. An he'd start fight over the stupidest shit and each time he dis it like killed a little piece of my love for him.
3-i recently opened up about how i felt about our relationship an gave him an ultimatum about what i need him to do or we can't be together. Sad thing i was simeltaneously afraid he was gonna freak out on me and id have to leave right then...and the other half was hoping he would so i could leave and it wouldn't be my fault.
4-i feel like a horrible person. I am mas that i didn't say something earlier. I hope he makes changes, and i hope he doesn't. There are people id be more excited to be with..
5-im also desperately afraid of making a mistake by leaving him

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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