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Douchebags finish first

1) I've never met my real father and I wish I could. He walked out on ny mom when she was 6 months pregnant and my step dad is real prick.

2) I suffer from bulimia nervosa but noone knows and I plan to keep it that way. Although sometimes I do want help to maintain a healthier outlook on my body image.

3) I suffer from depression and when I get too stressed I lash out at anyone who is nice to me and then I feel bad which only makes the depression worse.

4) I've had a crush on my best friend for 2years now. And it's a serious crush although recently I've realized how much of a douchebag he actually is and idesperately don't want to like him and he barely talks to me yet I still love him.

5) and finally, I've always fantasized about being with another girl just once to see what it would be like. I don't think I'd ever date a girl but a one night stand would be nice.

Btw k you have a beautiful soul and I love you for this because it's exactly the outlet I needed just to vent all of my secrets before my head burst. <3 I hope you live a long and happy life :)

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: bisexual

[You made my day. Love you too.


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