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Jealous of a skank?

1. First of i fucking hate Nebraska...worst state of them all. I hate my parents so much for making me move to this shit hole. From living in the ghetto and coming here its like being on another planet!!!! Ive met really cool people and the love of my life... that ended up cheating on me and has been in jail for the past only god knows how long. JUSTIN I FUCKING HATE YOUR GUTS.
2. Second he got me pregnant. i am fifteen years old wtf. i guess its kinda my fault to because i had seriously all summer long. Um well im not sure if its drews or justins honestly... because i was having sex when justin was locked up and was pregnant for like a month when i found out i was preggo.
3. My dad is a warhead. i seriously hate him and he hates me no matter how much i say i love him or he loves me yea yea we all know thats a crock a shit!.
4. Jimmy is my world and i miss him to death! when i was sent to the crazy house they found me in the shower bleeding to death. Fuck that shit then i was medication high as fuck ( lol it was great so i didnt tell them i felt funcky) and i kept sayin im not crazy after bashing my head into the showers concrete wall.
5. Rite now i have a pimple in my nose and its buggin the hell outta me!!! i hate acne like really i fuckin hate them as in zits and pimples! id be B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L if i didnt have goddamn acne! oh and Leigha your a fucking skank and im jealous as fuck when i look at you.

Gender: female
Sexual Orientation: straight

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